Xomed 22 December 2015

Branding et web design Xomed aesthetic

XoMed Aesthetic is a boutique health and aesthetic clinic. Dr John Rowen is the owner-founder and spokesman of the clinic. His charism and personality make him an endearing ambassador for his patients.

The logotype XoMed represents the elegance, the sophistication and quality of care provided by Dr Rowen’s team. Colours are feminines but evocate also the rigour and professionalism taking place in medicine.

The website is the fostered communication channel of the Clinic. A particular attention has been provided in the design of the information architecture in order to make it as fluid and intuitive as possible for the users

The website graphic design is linked with the boutique values : elegant, sober, and high-end. The website is fully responsive and provides a moving and reassuring user experience. Visit the website : www.xomed.ca


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