Marie-Andrée 21 December 2015

Design of a cd sleeve for Marie-Andrée

“Quand l’amour existe encore…” is artist and performer Marie-Andrée Dupré’s latest album. The graphic design of the Marie-Andrée Dupré CD sleeve is inspired by the warm, authentic character of this singer, whose tone of voice is clear and smooth. On her album, Marie-André revisits some popular French songs in her own inspiring way.

Pochette de disque Marie-Andrée Dupré
Disque Marie-Andrée Dupré
Pochette de disque Marie-Andrée Dupré
Pochette de disque Marie-Andrée Dupré

Nature is necessarily ever-present in the design, not only because the album was recorded in the forest adjoining producer Guy St-Onge’ s studio, but also because the songs on the album are classics deeply rooted in the culture of music.

The CD sleeve is designed with colours and distinct textures that come together in perfect harmony with the tone and sound rendition of this album of light to create a soft, lush visual experience.

This outstanding album can be purchased online at:

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